When I moved to Fort McMurray twelve years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nora.

Previously, I lived in Calagry and had heard of Nora before I moved up north. Other home-schoolers were using her as a math tutor - she was teaching via email - and I home-schooled my children. It was nice to know of such a person before I even moved here.

In 2007, I was still home-schooling my youngest child and I started my own business. I had to get help because I didn’t really want to send my child to school yet. My youngest has spent many hours in Nora’s company and grew to love this special tutor. In the last two years, Nora taught my youngest girl math skills with amazing results.

First of all, my child loves math. She is welcoming new challenges as she has now started public school at age eleven and in grade 8.

Nora is an amazing tutor, dedicated to education and children in general.

I believe that my child would never have learned as much at such an early age without Nora’s knowledge and special teaching skills.

Thank you Nora for the gift you gave my family. We all benefited from your teachings at one time or another… You are special to our family and will be remembered forever...

I Love you, we all do!!!!
France LaVoie,Fort McMurray

This letter is in reference to Nora Galenzoski of ABC Math.

For last five months Nora has instructed our 11-year-old daughter, Allison, in math. Allison has struggled with math for many years and my wife and I were very worried that she wasn't getting proper attention at her school.

My wife has dedicated many hours after school with Allison on providing as much help as she can in all areas of her education. As the years progressed and as Allison entered grade six we knew that she would need to get additional help from a professional. Although my wife is well educated, the methods taught in grade school were getting very difficult to follow. We were very fortunate to find Nora available to instruct Allison in math.

Nora’s knowledge and understanding of how math is taught in public schools and the difficulties that students have trying to follow the teacher in a very crowded multicultural class environment is very clear.
She was able to assess the areas that Allison needed instruction to be brought up to speed to her current grade level. For several months now, each Saturday Nora has instructed Allison with great success.
My wife and I [are] very happy to see Allison catch on to what instruction she is getting from Nora. Nora's teaching style and great attitude are being a very positive influence on Allison's understanding of math.

My wife and I knew that Allison was capable of learning many new things. She has a keen interest in science. She was quick to learn almost anything that was put in front of her. We had her assessed at our public school and the indication was that she could excel if only she had the proper instruction. It was due to the fact that Allison never did get proper training in her earlier years which carried over into the present.
We have seen a very shy and quiet young person being held back due to her environment in school. With Nora's instruction she has opened up and is keenly interested in what is being taught. She now is almost at her grade level and soon will be ahead of her class.

We understand the importance of being instructed and taught in a manner that she can understand without a lot of distraction. As Allison moves up to grade seven and then on to high school we are hoping that we can continue adding Nora as her tutor.

I know now that Allison will advance through high school and on to university due to the continuing tutoring provided by Nora.

Dale and Donna
Surrey, BC